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How to create an account?
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To create an account firstly you must install the George Mobile Application.

iOS: http://link.to.ios

Android: http://link.to.android

Once that's done, you will need to open up the application and you will see the page with multiple buttons like

I'm a master or Searching for A Master

Choose what you will prefer, because afterwards you will see registration button. If you will click on the 1st button, you will register as a worker. If you click on 2nd button, you will register as a client. So be careful. You will receive the opposite users. (clients will see masters and masters will see clients)

On Registration page there will be three steps:

1.) Global user information which you must fill out 100% correctly!

2.) Choose you preferred professions. 

3.) Upload the images. If you are registering as a master upload the images from your previous works. And if you are registering as a client, upload images from thee project where you want to find a master.

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